RestorFX Auckland offers a level of exterior painted surface protection and restoration that no company has ever been able to offer – until now! As the global leaders in clear coat restoration, RestorFX has spent the past 15 years pioneering the world’s most technologically advanced products and processes to keep your vehicle looking just as amazing as the day you first fell in love with it. Hundreds of thousands of Customers and Dealerships across over 45 countries have experienced the RestorFX difference and now you can too with RestorFX and ClearFX Royal

RestorFX utilizes our Polymimetic system to permanently remove scratches, swirls, scuffs, oxidation and weathering - while ClearFX is the most developed protection system available to keep your car protected and beautiful with ClearFX Royal program.

We will first apply RestorFX adding microns of clear coat to ensure we achieve a flawless finish. After RestorFX is fully cured we then apply ClearFX which becomes your vehicles barrier of protection. It creates a harder surface to resist damage and repelling dirt water and road grime.

Then every single year after that you can come back and get a refresh application for as long as you own your vehicle. There are no warranty claims to worry over and no contract fine print to be concerned about.

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RestorFX Auckland

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