Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to cure RestorFX?

RestorFX is cured, ready to go outside 8 hours after application.

After 1 day it can be exposed to heavy rain.

Fully cured ready to be cleaned with a microfibre cloth in 14 days

Completely cured and chemical resistant in 30 days.

How can we accelerate the curing time?

We will then need to use RestorFX infrared curing lamps, curing this way can take up to 4 days.

How long does my RestorFX application last?

RestorFX stays permanently because it chemically bonds to the original paint. It is guaranteed to never flake, peel or delaminate. However, like any brand-new vehicle’s finish, RestorFX is susceptible to wear and tear, but it is up to the customer to take care of the renewed finish. 

We also provide you with some simple after-care guidelines and maintenance recommendations to keep it looking its best.

Can RestorFX be polished or waxed?

Yes. After 15 days of initial application, the vehicle can be polished with a soft pad and fine polish. The same goes for waxing—after 30 days from application, it can be treated just like a factory paint finish. 

How thick is RestorFX?

RestorFX is approximately 11 microns.

When can I wash the car after RestorFX application?

We recommend not washing the car for 14 days. After that, you can wash it like you normally would. However, like all paint finishes, hand washing is always better than power washing. 


How do I protect the RestorFX finish?

After your RestorFX application we apply FX Finish Coat protecting it for the next 3 months while it fully cures. Use FX Finish Coat every 3 months to protect it under the weather. To get the most longevity out of RestorFX, treat the finish just like you would a brand-new vehicle. 

How different is RestorFX from other sealants and glass/ceramic coatings?

RestorFX is a restoration product and has significant restoration properties and chemical bonding agents that differ from protection products in the following ways: Better product coverage. A restoration process actually repairs damage and not just protects the finish; 

Takes less time to apply. RestorFX takes under 3 hours to complete, while prep and application on glass/ceramic coatings can take days; 

Brighter finish with more depth and luster then even a factory paint finish; 

The prep for glass/ceramic coatings is buffing and cutting away crucial clear coat when RestorFX adds additional clear coat

Lasts as long as a permanent solution;  and 

Customer gets more for their money while adding more microns of thickness to the paint finish, permanently restoring damage and delivering protection that lasts for the life of the car. 

How deep a scratch can RestorFX cover?

If the scratch is within the clear coat, it will be covered 100%. If it has gone through the clear coat and into the paint, then some paint from the FX Paint Touch-up System will have to be added. The scratch will then be minimized significantly.

What is unique about the RestorFX technology?

RestorFX is applied with an applicator cloth by hand using a proprietary application method. 

RestorFX two-part chemical composition is permanent. 

RestorFX uses an advanced self-leveling technology to perfectly level the product to the original surface of the car without changing the texture of the finish. 

RestorFX bonds so well to existing paint finishes that it will never peel, flake, or delaminate. 

RestorFX achieves a shine that is unparalleled by modern manufacturer paint finishes currently available.

Can RestorFX repair delaminating and flaking paint finishes?

Unfortunately, no. RestorFX needs an existing clear coat to bond to. RestorFX will not bond to paint alone or fix peeling clear coat. 

Will RestorFX protect against water spotting, bird droppings, etc.?

RestorFX is a restoration product and won’t necessarily protect against these contaminants, but it can add a layer of UV protection which can prevent contaminants from eating into paint. In addition, applying FX Finish Coat will dramatically aid in the protection of the RestorFX finish. 


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